California breakfast wrap with edamame walnut spread. And 2 x 2 tickets for the Walnut Breakfast Club in Hamburg for you.

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I I'm not a sweet breakfast at all - jam, nut nougat cream, bread rolls and croissants make me up in the morning really not really happy. It must be hearty and spicy for me ... and sometimes spicy. YAY !. My agency colleagues can sing a detailed song about it. At some point they had gotten used to the fact that in the morning I carried steaming bowls of soups and vegetables (in winter) or large plates of salads or mezze in all variations (in summer) past them to my desk. But there were confused glances every now and then. Probably everyone thought it was already lunch break and then were disappointed after looking at the clock: Oh, only a quarter to ten. Möööp.

But thanks to smart Californian people, a great hearty breakfast alternative has come of age with us: the wrap. Filled with vegetables, salad and other delicious things, he is socially accepted and neatly packed next to the salami boxes in the coffee shops. Perfect for me!

But of course, wraps can also be produced easily and inexpensively at home. A bit of a delicious spread as a base for a tortilla, then spread all sorts of delicious things on it, roll it up - a deluxe breakfast is ready for home or away.

Today I have a vegetarian Carlifornia breakfast Wrap with edamame walnut spread brought. A delicious and summery breakfast with lots of vegetables, protein and above all taste. The recipe is below. But that's not all. Because if you are looking for a delicious breakfast and a great start to the day, I have a treat for you:

Win 2 x 2 tickets for the Walnut Breakfast Club on 13.07. in Hamburg Ottensen

You want to enjoy a healthy and sustainable California breakfast - together with your favorite human or a good friend? Then come on 13.07. to the exclusive Walnut Breakfast Club in my favorite district of Hamburg Ottensen and start your day. From 8:00 am to 10:30 pm, there are great breakfast ideas to go through in the cool factory loft of Superstudio. There will also be a respiratory coach on site who will teach you - if you like - new breathing techniques to help you get relaxed and well through the day. And of course there will be a goodie bag to say goodbye.

I'm also there and looking forward to this special start to the day!

You would like to join Walnut Breakfast Club? Great! I'm giving away 2 x 2 T ickets. Leave a comment to me until 02.07., 11:59 pm and tell me who you would like to bring along. Here are the conditions of participation.Simmer for 6 minutes, drain and quench under cold water. Set aside the Edamame for the wrap filling.

Process the remaining Edamame with the ingredients for the spread in the blender, in the smoothie maker or with the blender to a smooth cream.

First coat the tortillas with the edamame walnut spread - leaving the edge free so that nothing rolls out when rolling it together.

Then cover with the remaining edamame, carrots, cheese, tomatoes, herbs and onions. Roll it up, roll it into sandwich paper (or parchment papeir for the kitchen) and cut it diagonally into two halves.

Tip: Edamame can be found in Asian grocery stores or now often in the freezer in organic supermarkets.

California breakfast wrap with edamame walnut spread |  California Breakfast Wrap with Edamame Walnut Spread |