{blogst14} Collaborations negotiate professionally, pink tutu and the greatest audience in the world.

Speaker Blogst 14 There she just hisses by, the last week. And she had it very beautiful in itself: I had a pink Tütü on the head, have the dosing limit for nasal spray just loosely put up by 200% (and have survived), had to persuade the man with angel tongues to to bring with me the homeopathic medicine urgently recommended by my friend Mrs. Annke from the pharmacy (yes, honey, I know that you always feel like you're carrying gold bars to an old, shriveled herbal witch in the swamp and just a few truncated toenails And maybe it will help, do it for me, ok ?!) ... where was I? … Oh yes. And I gave a lecture to 200 people. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, dear children: TWO-HUNDRED. Two. Zero. Zero. This is something special, you do not do that every day. Especially not in MediNait and DayMed intoxication.

And I thought it was wonderful. But I also had the best audience of all on # blogst14. For the third year, bloggers from the design, food, DIY, living, travel and wedding sectors have come together to network for a weekend, listen to lectures, visit workshops and behave very abypartyresk on the dance floor in the evening. In itself, a wonderful event.

My personal hammer this year: I should not just be a spectator, but was asked to give a talk on "Cooperation between bloggers and companies". WOW! That is a great honor - but also a big responsibility. After all, quite a few people have taken quite a bit of organization, time and money into their hands to be part of the blog. There is nothing - you have to deliver, no. You can not be thrown off course by a giggling universe, which one two days before the event still quickly a little autumn flu hisses.

And then you suddenly stand on this stage, this looks real huge crowd, has a microphone in one hand and a presenter in the other hand and listens to talk. And click. And talk. And hopes and jokes that you have brought the right things with you, so that the listeners feel inspired and take something for themselves, which brings them further. And calls on all homeopathic and orthodox ghosts that their voices do not suddenly stay away and a gigantic coughing fit may occur.

At the end of the lecture tunnel (was that 5 minutes - oh dear, whole 60?) Oh , I have covered a bit!), There is applause and then everything is over again. Thank goodness without major incidents.

I really enjoyed it immensely! So if somebody should ask you if you do not want to give a lecture to a bigger crowd - yes !! It's awesome, amazing, amazing and just beautiful.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to talk to me shortly after the talk or to give their feedback via social media. That really meant a lot to me and stones were flopped - thank you! You're great!

And with Mirja and Jens you just do the most beautiful fake rapper pink tutu photos in Photo Booth (yeah, the photo at the top).

For those who could not be there, below is a small indiscriminate summary - a little mood and a few facts :

Many thanks to the organizers Ricarda Nieswand and Clara Moring. Girls, as you always do, is really great! Thanks to the great audience!