What a blog costs in the month so. And why readers should know that.

It just happened again. One of my blogger friends got one of those famous emails that you do not want to get in your blogger life. It is a farewell letter from a reader who more or less self-righteously renounces friendship:

"Too bad," one can read this way or so. "I always thought you were so great. And your recipes and photos are just great. But that you have sponsored posts (company-supported posts a.d.V.) in your blog, I think stupid. For me, your credibility generally falls by the wayside. Well ... totally a pity. But there are also other blogs. Bye then. Your XYZ "

Bloggers who work with companies from time to time, and who also communicate clearly, receive e-mails at regular intervals. One is actually prepared for it and internally armed. But when they come, of course you still think about it. Because such an email does exactly what it should - it leaves a stale feeling and makes even the most confident blogger jump inwardly.

But why do readers write such emails? Why do you want to let us know so clearly that you are "gone forever"? The messages apparently result from the assumption and the great disappointment that a virtual "friend" with whom it has always been so entertaining and homely no longer means it honestly with them. It's about money or monetary benefits. And that makes it apparently disreputable, dubious and dishonest.

Man wonders how those obviously irritated Boglesers like to be. Everywhere one hears the demand for transparency. Bloggers should not hide it when working with companies. The German law also wants such cooperation to be clearly marked. But when it does happen, there is often a big cause for clatter. One could almost assume that these readers actually prefer to be plodded. Everything should be so colorful, entertaining, inspiring, and creative, without being stained and tainted by any obvious clues about worldly interests.

But if that's all so difficult and some readers find out why Do bloggers actually cooperate with companies? Could not you just leave that alone? Then all this stress and irritation would not show up. Well.

Collaboration, in some cases, means that you can write about special things that you would not otherwise have experienced. That is fun. Collaborations mean that you can try and evaluate things that you would not otherwise have been able to afford. That is great. Above all, cooperation also means that blogging, which is so much fun, will be supported and some of the expenses will be refinanced. A blog that looks simple and fluffy for the readers from the beginning costs time and money behind the scenes. And plenty of it. It is said that it is unreasonable to talk about money - but sometimes it may be necessary to gain a different perspective.Research, recipe planning, grocery shopping, cooking, styling food and props, photography, image editing, writing text and prescriptions, uploading photos, proofreading; 40 hours): 340, - € Moderation of comments and spam in the blog (3 hours): 25,50, - €
Social media channels (15 hours): 127,50 €
Archiving and storage of content and images (3 hours): 25,50, - €
Maintenance CMS, BackUps, Updates Software and Plugins (3 hours): 25,50 €
Reply to emails, general inquiries, specific questions about recipes and blogging as well as cooperation offers (8 hours): 68, - €
advanced training in technology and law (2 hours): 17, - €
preparatory accounting, correspondence with tax accountants and tax office (2.5 hours) : 21,25 €
Pickup of unsolicited consignments from the post office or the neighbors (2 hours): 17, - €
Total working hours: 667,25 €

per month: 1.374,10 €

Quite surprising , right? So, next time, if one of your favorite bloggers publishes a very transparent and offensive labeled sponsored post and you feel uncomfortable with it, please look at the relationship. Your blogger is fair and honest to you. And maybe you just think of your favorite football club around the corner or athletes you like. The boys and girls have advertising on their jerseys, the stadiums have advertising space, clubs in the Regionalliga (and not least the national football team) have contracts with sponsors - but all that does not automatically mean that the athletes give less effort That the game or tournament becomes boring, less powerful, or less entertaining. It only allows the support and financing of certain things and free space for new ideas. And hopefully fun in front of and behind the blog.

In this sense, good conversation

Addendum: Thanks to all who are looking for cheaper costs for me now Want to advise hosting packages and Internet contracts. I have reviewed all the offers available on the market and the costs are appropriate for the traffic of the blog and the service line of the provider. I do not want to switch at the moment.
For all of you who are making an intense speculation about my obvious buying addiction or my qualities as a housekeeper, rest assured: I appreciate your time and commitment, but my family and I are fine. Honestly.

Addendum addendum: I am very surprised at how much sympathy this subject experiences. Also, that many people apparently immediately called their own tax adviser, in order to discuss my expenses, their possible occurrence, the probable monthly depreciation sums as well as the eating and eating habits of my family decidedly with these, I could by no means simply assume. You shame me.

Supplement the 3rd: Apparently, especially people from the leftist and anarchistic environment feel provoked by my post and the costs mentioned in it to the utmost and despised Comments and posts caused. Provocation and denigration of other lifestyles are far from me. This is about my personal list of real costs incurred. Anyone else may run his/her blog as the topic of choice requires and with what funds it seems appropriate for their or their beliefs. Anything can - nothing has to, ne.

And one more addendum: If I have the appearance that this post is the monthly sales tax advance to my local tax office, I would like for expressly apologize. That would be extremely misleading, of course.And many thanks to Anna for this great article.