Aromatic pasta salad with apple, bacon and goat cream cheese dressing. And a very special mom-son-moment.

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H eut is not just an aromatic noodles salad a perfect salty-sweet combination of apple and bacon and a refined goat cream cheese dressing. Also included is a short trip to the not always easy education business. And the memory of a totally unexpected perfect mom-and-son moment.

Somehow, as a parent or guardian, one suspects relatively quickly that the general picture of blissful parenting - say - goes and again a little bit past the reality. TV spots of diaper brands and glass manufacturers show us only a small, but very harmonious part with laughing babies and happy parents.

In reality, parenting is a turbulent roller coaster of emotions: love, happiness, pride and security as well as frustration, helplessness, sadness and anger. Your kids can get you down from the highest fortune heights within minutes and turn them into a well-restrained, shivering bundle (at least inwardly). And vice versa. As an adult, you regularly mobilize all the personal reserves available to understand and accompany the emotional development of the little ones. And ask yourself now and then secretly, how it - to the cuckoo! - The entire parenting of this world actually manages to

But then suddenly there is one of those sparkling pearl moments with your child. A moment, so light and beautiful that you can not believe it. A harmonious and intimate moment in which suddenly all your endless educational lectures (WHAAAA, that's how you really wanted to be never ) suddenly seem to pay off. And in which everything is as perfect as in one of those oversubscribed German spotless and tooth-bleached mother-father-child commercials. It happened to me quite unexpectedly. Last week.

A sunny day in Hamburg. I suggested a picnic in the park - the child immediately agreed enthusiastically. When shopping for groceries, he voluntarily pushed the shopping cart (and without several senior citizens accidentally shoving it into shelves). There was wonderfully no nervous breakdown due to unearned bad sweets from the impulse shopping shelf at the cash register. He graciously took the filled shopping bags "Mom, let me do that" and carried them home without any negative expressions of emotion. At home, he offered to help me in the kitchen and stirred in pans and pans.Together we went into the park, spread the blanket, ate ("Mom, the salad tastes delicious !"), Drank, read in our books (I crime in Provence, he superhero in Somewhere ) and listened to music. At some point, the water games started in the lake, which we examined together. Incredible! Unexpectedly! Perfect! Pure relaxation.

I would like to preserve this moment for eternity in the emotional archive. To retrieve it, for example, whenever my prepubescent child has made it (unintentionally) once again the day's task, to drive me hurry to madness. For sure, I can preserve the recipe for our delicious picnic salad. That's something - and what do you have a blog for, ne.

A goat cream cheese dressing - a great alternative to mayonnaise & co.

The child loves noodles, the child loves bacon. To Bacon fits very well something fresh, slightly sweet - apple! Almost a classic combination. And so that the whole thing is also nice and tasty pasta salad, there is a matching, aromatic dressing of goat cream cheese - a great alternative to fatty mayonnaise, which brings home a lot of fine flavor and flavor. The goat cream cheese Snøfrisk naturell is for this purpose e.g. Perfect. The milk from goats and cows free-roaming on Norwegian mountain pastures and a pinch of salt plus a pinch of salt make a great combination - goat cream cheese completely natural without binders, additives or flavors (IMPORTANT!). The goat milk portion of 80% ensures a pleasant spice, but not at all intrusive to "goat" tastes. Very family compatible! The man loves classic sandwiches or toast with jam - but the uses for the quick fresh cuisine with sauces, dressings, baked potatoes, pasta or stir-fries are super diverse. And also for a delicious pasta salad dressing.

And here comes the recipe for Aromatic Pasta Salad with Apple, Bacon and Goat Cheese Dressing

Ingredients for 4-6 people:

200 g bacon cubes or strips
2 sweet-sour apples, diced with shell
(eg Pink Lady)
3-4 green onions, green and white separated
black pepper

300 g noodles (eg Gnochetti sardi)

125 g goat fris cheese (eg Snøfrisk naturell)
2 tablespoons sour cream

1 bunch chives, chopped